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Once the main means of transportation through the valley of Numedal, connecting the 1900s state of the art hydro power plant, Nore I in Rødberg, to the rest of eastern Norway through the industrial city Kongsberg, lay the now abandoned Numedalsbanen.

First iteration of Djupdal Stasjon on concept route.

Concept Route

As part of the preparation, a concept route was made to serve as a palette of assets and scenery to better unify the visual look of the route. It is still worth mentioning that one of the main goals is making sure the 92.8 km route, does not feel like a repetition.

Ulvik and road to Selsteigen



Custom Content

Norwegian House (Swiss Style)

The swiss style house is a very typical norwegian countryside house. The origin of these houses are older single floor houses that had another floor and an entrance added.

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